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The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work offers specialisations in the field of sociology, anthropology, social work and human resources management. Students can opt for a line of study in Romanian or Hungarian. Every year, a series of classes are held in English and receive international students.
In a dynamic academic environment which is responsive to social reality, we cultivate the tradition of interactive learning and collaboration between teachers and students in research projects and social intervention.
Our graduates work as expert-consultants in marketing and human resources departments of public and private institutions, researchers at polling institutes, journalists, social workers, school counsellors, university teachers and school teachers.

  • Address: No 128-130, 21 Decembrie 1989 Bvd, RO-400604, Cluj-Napoca
  • Tel.: +40 264 424674
  • E-mail: secretariat@socasis.ubbcluj.ro
  • Web: socasis.ubbcluj.ro


Candidates must present a language proficiency certificate.

Sociology Field

  1. Specialisation Advanced Sociological Research (in Romanian) - full time
  2. Specialisation Strategic Human Resources Management (in Romanian) - full time
  3. Specialisation Applied Sociology for the Local Development (in Hungarian) - full time
  4. Specialisation Complex Data Analysis (in Romanian) - full time
  5. Specialisation Human Resources Management and Sociology of Organizations (in Hungarian) - full time

Selection criteria (for specialisations 1-5):

  • 1. Graduation exam score
  • 2. Research project or summary of the graduation paper (if applicable to the field of Sociology)
  • 3. Motivation letter
    • Point 1 - 60%
    • Point 2 and 3 - 40%

Social Work Field

  1. Specialisation European Master in Childrens Rights (in Romanian) - full time
  2. Specialisation Social Work and Social Economy (in Romanian) - full time
  3. Specialisation Management of Social Services (in Romanian and English) - full time
  4. Specialisation Social Work in the Justice System. Probation and Mediation (in Romanian) - full time

Selection criteria (for specialisations 6-9):

  • Graduation exam score - 60%
  • Interview (based on CV and motivation letter) - 40%
  1. Specialisation Management of Social Work Services (in Romanian) Reşiţa - full time

Selection criteria:

  • Graduation exam score - 60%
  • Motivation letter - 40%
  1. Specialisation Social Work for Mental Health (in Hungarian) - full time
  2. Specialisation Counselling and Assistance in Social Services (in Hungarian) - full time

Selection criteria (for specialisations 11-12):

  • Interview on a PASS/FAIL basis
  • Graduation exam score - 40%
  • Motivation letter and CV - 60%

Tie-breaker criteria (for all specialisations):

  • Graduation exam score
  • Exit examination written test score

Admission fee for Romanian citizens, European Union Citizens, European Economic Area citizens and Swiss Confederation citizens for the 2023 / 2024 academic year

EU: European Union; EEA: European Economic Area; SC: Swiss Confederation;

  • For tax reductions or waivers, please see our Admissions Regulations

MASTER'S LEVEL - Admission Process

Specialisation / Field

Master's Level (lei)

Full time Part time
All specialisations.. 30 30

MASTER'S LEVEL - Admission registration

Specialisation / Field

Master's Level (lei)

Full time Part time
All specialisations. 120 120